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IELTS Preparation Course

Starting at £35 per hour for Skype lessons or
£45 per hour at a location of your choice. Discounts available for course bookings.

I specialise in writing instruction for the essay part 2 question which is always the hardest to get a high band score in. Although I will also extensively cover all 4 parts of the test.

Here is an overview of what we will go over

The IELTS Writing test is designed to assess a wide range of writing skills, including how well you:

  • Write a response appropriately
  • Organise ideas
  • Demonstrate that you have understood the question
  • Can argue showing both sides of a debate
  • Use a range of vocabulary and grammar accurately
  • Write clearly, organise your ideas and use a varied vocabulary


The IELTS Writing test takes 60 minutes. Spend 20 minutes on Task 1, and 40 minutes on Task 2.

You will need to manage your own time, so make sure you move on to Task 2 after 20 minutes.

Two tasks

There are two tasks in the IELTS Writing test. You will be asked to write at least 150 words for Task 1 and at least 250 words for Task 2.

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training Writing tests

The content of the Writing test is different for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests

IELTS Academic Writing test

Write in a formal style in the IELTS Academic Writing test.
In Task 1 you will be presented with a graph, table, chart or diagram. You will be asked to describe, summarise or explain the information in your own words. This might involve describing and explaining data, describing the stages of a process or how something works, or describing an object or event.

In Task 2 you will be asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem. You should find the issues interesting and easy to understand.

ELTS General Writing test

The topics used in the IELTS General Training Writing test are of general interest.

In Task 1 you will be presented with a situation and asked to write a letter requesting information or explaining the situation. You can write the letter in a personal, semi-formal or formal style.

In Task 2 you will be asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem. You can use a fairly personal style.

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Creative Writing


With creative writing, I focus on building language skills, and increasing confidence by allowing students to have fun by learning from their mistakes, as well as encouraging students to write based on auto-ethnography.

There are two different creative writing courses to choose from: Creative Prose Writing and Discursive/Journalistic Writing

1. Creative Prose Writing course outline

  • Language Development
  • Skills Development
  • Structure Development
  • Experimentation

2. Discursive/Journalistic Writing course outline

  • Essay scaffolding
  • Language devices
  • Planning
  • Brainstorming

Homework will be given after each session. As a guide each bullet point would consist of three hours of sessions. Total course duration would be twelve hours.

3. Presentation skills

Each class will start with an article/theme (current affairs, tech, environment, health) and students will be asked to discuss a question surrounding the issues. The students will then have turns individually to present an aspect of the topic they are interested in.

Depending on timing, this second stage might occur in a follow-up class that will give the students time to prepare. As each student gives their talk I will be making notes and will give feedback, inserting new vocab and and making suggestions for grammar improvement.

Note that some of the topics from Discursive Writing might be used as final output sessions. ie. An essay topic found in the IELTS Task 2 questions is a good example but of course the focus will be on speaking not writing.

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Business English Course – just 15 minutes from Liverpool Street

Enroll now for our new Business English course just 15 minutes from Liverpool Street.

Each lesson is 2 hours long. All course materials and homework assignments are included in the price.

Level: Upper Intermediate English to Advanced English (C1-C2 CEFR).

Some of the areas covered:

  • Business Writing
  • Meeting Role Play
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speech Writing
  • Advanced Vocabulary for Business
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Writing Style Guidance
  • Discursive Writing
  • Financial Analysis
  • Negotiation Skills

Improve your English skills in a group class of 6 students in an exciting, fun and dynamic environment. Lessons take place in one of our modern multi-media conference rooms just 15 minutes from Liverpool Street, 30 seconds walk from London Fields Station (London Overground).

Meet the teacher before you buy the course with our FREE Skype consultation.

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