Seb Duncan 2019

He is easy to work with. He’s very affable.

He’s an affable kind of guy.

She is concerned about the state of the world. She’s very altruistic.

He gets things done with a great deal of aplomb.

The office is a fun place to be. It has a lot of bonhomie.

The atmosphere of the gathering was ebullient.

He’s always making jokes about people. He’s a jocular one.

She got a lot of kudos because of the success of that project.

He’s not exactly a paragon of virtue.

The water in the Mediterranean is pristine.

They are a redoubtable company. We need to be able to compete with them.

They have a veracious appetite for risk.

She is tall, lively and vivacious.

The office

Mary is an affable person to work with. She’s fun and friendly and is always talking about climate change in her altruistic way. Regardless, she always gets things done with aplomb and ease.

On the whole, the office is a fun place to be. There is a good amount of bonhomie and ebullience in the place. There is always someone making jocular comments and people get kudos for making the best jokes. You don’t exactly have to be a paragon of good behavior.

However, the office is always pristine to reflect its redoubtable reputation. Most sales people here have a veracious appetite for innovation and risk taking. To top it off, Mariam the office manager struts about in her high heels vivaciously.

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