Planning your Task 2 IELTS essay

Get organized

Planning an essay is the best way to achieve a band 7 score on the Task 2 IELTS writing task. The essay takes 40 minutes to complete but you should take at least 10 minutes to plan your essay before you start to write.


Examiners will give you a higher score if your essay is clear to read. If the essay is well planned your essay will be easier to follow.

Make sure your essay uses ‘information chunking’. This is the way you can write by separating your essay into logical sections or ‘chunks’ so it is easier to follow.

Creating ideas for your essay

The examiner will give you a high band score if you present a number of clear relevant ideas to support your argument or point of view.

Ideas should be organized into three basic categories: positions, main ideas and supporting ideas. These will form the order and content of each of your paragraphs.

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Do you want to work for the NHS but qualified overseas?

Healthcare professionals seeking work in the NHS in the uk have to pass the IELTS exam.   

They need to get a 7 band score in the test. This rule applies to nurses as well as doctors.

The exam is part of the tier-2 visa system that allows overseas professionals to work in the UK.  

The English exam is divided into four sections: Speaking, writing, reading and listening.   The IELTS writing is divided into two tasks.

In the IELTS task 1 writing question students are presented with a chart or a diagramTask 1 asks students to write a short description of the data depicted in the chart or diagram. The essay should be approximately 150 words long and should take 20 minutes to complete.

In the IELT task 2 writing question students are presented with a discursive essay question. The question requires students to formulate an argument or an opinion about a subject presented by it. Points are awarded to students who present their ideas clearly and focus on the correct issues and subjects that the question poses. The essay should be approximately 250 words long and take 40 minutes to complete.

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Band 7 score required by overseas medical professionals coming to work in NHS

Thousands more overseas doctors will be able to come and work in the NHS after Theresa May took advice from cabinet colleagues to do away with limits that hospital bosses had criticised.

The relaxation of immigration rules, which is due to be announced imminently, represents a victory for Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid and follows an active and passionate campaign by NHS organisations and medical groups.

They have been arguing that medics should be taken out of the cap on skilled workers allowed to work in Britain, in order to help tackle the NHS’s deepening workforce crisis.

Hunt, the health and social care secretary, and Javid, the home secretary, have been privately lobbying the prime minister to ease restrictions that between November and April denied more than 2,300 doctors from outside the European Economic Area the chance to work in the NHS.

Under the current immigration system the number of non-EEA skilled workers across the board able to come and work in Britain on a tier-2 visa through a certificate of sponsorship is capped at 20,700 a year – a ceiling set by the Home Office.

Doctors and Nurses wishing to work in the NHS at all levels will have to achieve a minimum 7 band score in the IELTS exam. For more information on help with the IELTS exam email

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