Do you want to work for the NHS but qualified overseas?

Healthcare professionals seeking work in the NHS in the uk have to pass the IELTS exam.   

They need to get a 7 band score in the test. This rule applies to nurses as well as doctors.

The exam is part of the tier-2 visa system that allows overseas professionals to work in the UK.  

The English exam is divided into four sections: Speaking, writing, reading and listening.   The IELTS writing is divided into two tasks.

In the IELTS task 1 writing question students are presented with a chart or a diagramTask 1 asks students to write a short description of the data depicted in the chart or diagram. The essay should be approximately 150 words long and should take 20 minutes to complete.

In the IELT task 2 writing question students are presented with a discursive essay question. The question requires students to formulate an argument or an opinion about a subject presented by it. Points are awarded to students who present their ideas clearly and focus on the correct issues and subjects that the question poses. The essay should be approximately 250 words long and take 40 minutes to complete.

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